Benefits Of Using The Whatsapp Plus

Now the latest version of whatsapp plus is available on the internet and you can easily download it. The new version is developed by adding numerous unique features those are not available in official one. In the original application, there are some features are restricted by limits. With the help of this particular application, you can extend these limitations like- now users are able to send over 10 images at a time. It is an example that you get from the modified application. There are lots of beneficial aspects are associated with it and some of them are explained below.

Video calls – it enables the users for doing video calls. Most of the WhatsApp users are availing services from other applications for video calling. In this way, you are able to save space on the mobile phone and avail some additional services.

Privacy features – in the WhatsApp plus some privacy features are updated and provide more than the official one. With its use, you are able to hide online, typing, recording and last seen related statuses. For more, you can hide some other things like all types of ticks on messages (grey and blue).

Extend the limitation – on some features users are required to face limitations or restrictions such as- the number of group members & images you can send, size of files and so on. With the modified one you are able to add maximum 256 members and exceed many other limitations.

Quality – when you are sending any type of media-related file on the original application at that time it changes the quality of that particular file. The perfect example is images; if you are sending a high-quality image then it automatically converted to a low-quality image. The modified application helps you in maintaining the good quality of image.

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